Quality control

In its operations and manufacturing processes, Sardina follows the guidelines of the HACCP quality control system and ISO 9001:2008, which require the observance of the highest environmental and quality control standards. To ensure continuous compliance with those standards, the company has established a special organizational unit for quality control with a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped to monitor all critical points in the production process in compliance with the implemented quality systems.

Sardina also holds IFS Certificates.

Quality control starts at the receipt of raw material for production, continues throughout the production process and applies to the final product as well. All raw materials are subject to multiple controls of input documents, internal controls according to the quality control plan and external controls in accredited laboratories.

Sardina’s internal laboratory conducts daily histamine level controls, microbiological product controls, and controls of fat, protein and salt levels in the product. To ensure product safety, the double seam and airtight quality of cans are controlled. The company performs daily controls of the content of fish meat, oil, sauce, vegetables and water in finished products.

In the process of our internal laboratory validation, a part of the samples is sent to external laboratories which perform additional controls and test raw materials for micro-organisms, heavy metals, pesticides etc.

All products and manufacturing processes are subject to detailed verification procedures before marketing. Intense controls by veterinary inspections, audits of implemented quality systems, suppliers and customers, as well as consumer satisfaction all serve as proof of our quality and credibility of the results of our internal laboratory, guaranteeing the safety of our products.